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Pre-written, factual tweets to share with the national media. If you’d like to add one for others to share, please use the “comments” box and we’ll update the page. 

So how does this Twitter Bomb thing work? On Monday, December 5, at any time between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.:

1) Select the #JaguarsFacts tweet (from below) you’d like to share.

2) Choose the national sports media member(s) you’d like to send the tweet to (see list of Twitter handles on next page).

3) Copy and paste the Twitter handle, then the tweet, into your Twitter client. Be sure the tag #JaguarsFacts, isn’t cut off from the tweet.

4) Share as many or as few of the facts as you’d like, with as many media as you’d like. Be respectful though, please. Don’t spam by tweeting hundreds of times to the same account (we don’t want your account to be shut down for spam). Don’t name-call, trash talk or engage in otherwise inappropriate behavior. Let’s keep it classy.

5) Encourage your followers to participate too. The more noise we can make, the better. Let’s show the rest of the country how much we love this team!

6) Attend the Monday night game and cheer our boys on to a big win for the Weaver’s final Monday night game.


  • In 2011, #Jaguars have a higher average attendance than the Cardinals, Raiders, Dolphins, Rams, Bucs, Bengals #JaguarsFacts
  • #Jaguars avg 2011 attendance (62,173) would lift blackout at Seahawks, Rams, Bucs, Bengals, Steelers, Lions, Vikings, Cards, Raiders, Colts & Bears #JaguarsFacts
  • SD, Cle, StL, Wash, TB, Mia and Cin have all sold a lower % of their stadium in 2011 than Jax #JaguarsFacts
  • In 2010, the #Jaguars averaged 51 fewer fans per game than the #Steelers. 51. #JaguarsFacts
  • In 2010, the #Jaguars average attendance was higher than 8 other NFL teams. #JaguarsFacts
  • In 2010, the #Jaguars had the greatest increase in attendance over the previous year in the league (36.5%). #JaguarsFacts
  • Only Green Bay, New Orleans & Buffalo put a larger percentage of their population in seats than Jax. #JaguarsFacts
  • #Jaguars are down 859 people in avg attendance from 2010-2011, which is a loss of 1.4% yet have had no blackouts this season.
  • Of 12 teams down in avg attendance this yr, Jags are 7th (-859) behind Bengals,  Dolphins, Redskins, Cowboys, Colts and Cards #JaguarsFacts
  • In ’11 Jags on avg filled stadium to 92.4% capacity, more than 7 others: Chargers, Browns, Rams, Bucs, Dolphins, Jets, Bengals #JaguarsFacts
  • No #Jaguars games have been blacked out since 2009. #JaguarsFacts
  • #Jaguars average attendance in 2010 (63,032) would have sold out the stadiums in Chicago, Oakland and Indy. #JaguarsFacts
  • How many times have the #Jaguars finished last in attendance in the league? If you guessed anything but zero, you’re wrong. #JaguarsFacts
  • Jax has the 4th highest % of its population at NFL home games in 2011. About 4.8%. #JaguarsFacts
  • With covered seats, Everbank Field still has a higher capacity than Heinz Field, Lucas Oil Stadium, and Soldier Field. #JaguarsFacts
  • There are tarps on @EverBankField to bring stadium capacity to market size. W/out them, it’s 4th largest stadium in NFL #JaguarsFacts
  • Here is the #Jaguars lease.  Facts, not speculation or assumption please. #JaguarsFacts
  • Did you know Chicago is the NFL’s  2nd largest market, yet its stadium holds 5,000 less than #EverBankField? #JaguarsFacts.
  • #JaguarsFacts 2015 would be the earliest Jags could move due to needing 3 consecutive seasons resulting in a loss in profits. #NFL #Jaguars
  • #Jaguars are the only team to beat Buffalo IN Buffalo in a playoff game. #JaguarsFacts
  • #Jaguars are one of only two teams to make their conference championship game within their first two years. #JaguarsFacts
  • #Jaguars are the only team to beat Pittsburgh twice in one season IN Pittsburgh #JaguarsFacts
  • Recession has hit FL harder than most states. 1/3 of all homeless families in country live in FL. Housing, food > football . #JaguarsFacts
  • Visiting teams typically travel well to Jax, because, we have the beach, sunshine, non-tourist hotel prices & friendly fans. We love visitors. #JaguarsFacts
  • FL teams struggle to sell out games due to distractions caused by good weather & rec activities not prevalent in the north. #JaguarsFacts
  • Stop dashing hopes & dreams of passionate, hard-working community on speculation #Jaguars MAY move someday. WE ARE JAGUARS. #JaguarsFacts

15 Responses to Tweet this!

  1. Adam Price says:

    #JaguarsFacts 2015 would be the earliest Jags could move due to needing 3 consecutive seasons resulting in a loss in profits. #NFL #Jaguars

  2. Chase Ulrich says:

    Some of these tweets are too long… 140 characters!!

  3. Liz4aker says:

    Some of these facts are too long to tweet when you add the person’s twitter name. Can someone work on shortening the longer quotes?

  4. Adam jordan says:

    Jaguars were the last team 2 of the 3 famed class of 83 QBs faced in their careers, that’s right we retired them #JaguarsFacts

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  6. Adam Price says:

    Can anyone confirm if these stadium to population ratio facts are with or without tarps? It seems to be a common reply on Twitter.

    • uprightpr says:

      The numbers are based on NFL stadium capacity – which is 67,000+ with the tarps. Thanks – great question!

  7. unhipcat says:

    Why am I being bombarded by “Jaguar facts”? I have @Jones_Drew32 on my show more than anyone. He’s set to score on my behalf tonight. Chill.
    Tweeted by @richeisen

    time to eisen a break. let’s not piss off the friendlies.

  8. JB says:

    I think some facts about Jacksonville would be great also.
    -Companies Headquartered/Started in Jacksonville: Burger King, WinnDixie, CSX, PSS,, Fidelity National Fin., FireHouse Subs, PGA Tour, Everbank, Stellar, Shands, Gate, Golf Hall of Fame, Haskell, Landstar, Pilot Pen, The Loop, Peterbooke, Suiddath, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Venus Swimwear, Ring Power, Mayo Clinic, US Navy.
    -Third Largest Sea Port in Florida
    -People From or lived in Jacksonville: Charles E. Merrill, Philip Don Estridge, Tim McGraw, Leanza Cornett, Yoanna House, David Hasselhof and many more Famous singers, Bands and Athletes,_Florida

  9. Kevin Scott says:

    Not sure how many teams have won 15 games in a season, but we are one of them.

  10. Kevin Scott says:

    MJD needs less than 100 yds tonight to lead NFL in rushing – reason for ESPN crew to show up.

  11. Kevin Scott says:

    Weaver would not discuss sale of team with LA group to ensure team stays in Jax.

  12. Cory says:

    also we have a stadium lease until 2029, which will be near impossible to get out of

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