Jaguars Facts: Exposing the nekkid truth and reality of the Jacksonville Jaguars

Welcome to #JaguarsFacts, a social media campaign  happening December 5, 2011 to help the national media know the truth about the Jaguars, our ticket sales, stadium and passionate fan base. No longer will we sit idly by and allow the national media to spread false information as fact, or speculate the truth based on their misguided Рand often times hateful, opinions.

It’s time we share the facts – and just the facts – with those who cover the NFL and the team. No longer can we rely on journalists to actually do their job and research statistics and information before reporting it. So we’ll do it for them. The idea is simple: Twitter bomb the national media with the FACTS about our team. ¬†Fans will share facts with their favorite (or least favorite) media members throughout the day on Monday, December 5 via Twitter.

At best, we actually change opinions and enlighten some journalists with the facts. We also show them that we’re intelligent, clever, passionate about our team and eager to see the Jags bring home TO JACKSONVILLE the Lombardi Trophy. At worst, we annoy them as much as their unresearched, undocumented, and often-times mean-spirited posts and stories annoy us.

Please visit the Tweet This page and follow the simple steps to join the #JaguarsFacts movement. We’re providing 140-character (or less) tweets plus the handles of some of the country’s best-known sports media (especially those who like to bash Jacksonville). Just copy and paste, then tweet. It’s that easy. Then share this site with your followers and ask them to join us for Operation #JaguarsFacts. Let’s become a trending topic!

This campaign is not affiliated with the Jacksonville Jaguars. It’s born out of love and affinity for the team and its positive impact on the North Florida community. If you have any questions, please feel free to DM @bonnieupright or @luckynumber11. Go Jaguars!