National Sports Media Twitter Handles

AFTERNOON UPDATE: Rich Eisen has acknowledged receiving the tweets, as has Warren Sapp, though with different responses. Mike Silver also responded asking us to back off – and even picked the Jags to win tonight! So we’ve got that going for us. Not all media listed bash the Jaguars or our town. These are folks who cover the NFL regularly, who have access to attendance and stadium information. We’re just helping them see some of the Jaguars specifics a little more clearly.


Below are the Twitter handles of National Sports (primarily NFL) Media. Feel free to tweet one or all with the #JaguarsFacts provided on the Tweet This page. As you can imagine, this list is not all inclusive. If we’ve left someone off, please use the “comments” box to submit his or her handle and we’ll update the page accordingly. Please remember to be respectful and courteous  and not to cross the “spam” line – this isn’t about emotion, it’s about the facts. The #JaguarsFacts.

Adam Schefter


Associated Press


Bart Hubbuch


Bill Cowher


Boomer Esiason


CBS Sports


Charley Casserly


Chris Mortensen


Clark Judge


Colin Cowherd


Cris Collinsworth


Curt Menefee


Dan Daly


Darren Rovell


Erin Sharoni


Gregg Rosenthal


Howard Fendrich


James Brown


Jason Coley


Jay Bilas


Jay Glazer


Jemele Hill


Jim Corbett


Jim Rome


John Clayton


Kara Henderson


Kim Jones


Larry Weisman


Mark Long


Michele Tafoya


Mike Florio


Mike Freeman


Mike Tirico


Mike Silver

NFL 32


NFL Fanhouse


Pardon the Interruption


Paul Kuharsky


Pete Prisco


Peter King


Pro Football Writers


Rich Gannon


Rick Reilly


Sports Illustrated


Steve Mariucci


Suzy Kobler


Tony Siragusa


Trent Dilfer


Warren Sapp


Fox Sports: @NFLONFOX – Dan Marino: @DanMarino – Ron Jaworski: @JawsESPN – Dan Patrick: @dpshow


21 Responses to National Sports Media Twitter Handles

  1. @TDESPN is Trent Dilfer. Not “Touchdown ESPN”

  2. ac_ec says:

    Mike Silver! @MikeSilver

  3. justin says:

    Mike Tirico’s twitter is @miketirico

  4. Sean Alexander says:

    @dpshow for Dan Patrick, one of my favorites but also one of the worst offenders of making assumptions about the fan base without doing any research.

  5. John Harrell says:

    Here’s another fun guy…Tony Kornheiser. His handle is @Kornheiser_PTI.

  6. Amy says:

    @bhofheimer_espn PR for ESPN
    @MNF_on_ESPN MNF official

  7. JC says:

    Mike Terico link is wrong – should be Tirico and the twitter handle doesn’t work.

  8. scousevasey says:

    ESPN Football today team
    @RossTuckerNFL – Ross Tucker (former NFL player) – although he is a fan of the Jags D
    @WilliamsonNFL – Matt Williamson

  9. sicilianjag says:

    Adam Schein regularly kills us on Sirius NFL Radio. @adamschein

  10. pantsandjackets says:

    In his defense, I have noticed that Chris Mortensen is one of the few that defends Jacksonville.

  11. JJ Jones says:

    Darren Rovell was ripping Miami and Tampa yesterday on Twitter. Rays 3B Evan Longoria even posted a picture of the crowd at the Bucs game yesterday.

  12. BKauz930 says:

    I’m a Colts fan but right on, Jaguar fans! Keep taking it to ESPNewyork-boston & the rest of the Northeast-based sports media. Most of them don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.

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