Twitter Bomb Rules

1. Please stay classy, Jags fans. This effort to educate the media on the reality of the Jacksonville Jaguars depends on facts, not emotions. We won’t have any chance of being taken seriously if we aren’t respectful.

2. The Twitter bomb will be Monday, December 5 from 8:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m.

3. You may use any of the tweets on the Tweet This page, or feel free to write your own (just be sure they are FACTUAL). If you’d like to add your own tweet to this site for others to use, please use the comments feature at the bottom of the Tweet This page.

4. Feel free to tweet as many, or as few, of the national media as you like. For best results, share multiple tweets with multiple media members. The goal is to EDUCATE the media with facts, in addition to demonstrating the passion we have for our team and our community.

5. Be careful not to cross the “spam” line, as we don’t want anyone having their accounts shut down because of this effort. There’s no reason to tweet each media member more than once an hour from your account, though you can and should share different facts throughout the day if you can. And if a reporter engages you in conversation, please take the high road and stick to the facts. No name calling, no hatefulness. Let’s use our social media smarts to dazzle them with the truth.

6. The official hashtag for the Twitter Bomb is #JaguarsFacts. Please tag your tweets so that we can track the conversation.

7. Please share this Twitter Bomb effort with your friends and followers. Let’s get #JaguarsFacts trending on Monday!

8. Remember, we are respectful. We are courteous. WE ARE JAGUARS.


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